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What our Students and Parents have to say

Jonathan and Yvette Furigay

Dear Master Dean,
Both Meghan and James’s birthday parties were awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome! The kids had a lot of fun,Chief Instructor Cory, Brandy and Desi are excellent hosts. All the parents were telling us that their kids couldn’t stop talking about it. Some of the guests had little brothers or sisters, and they ended up staying once they saw what was going on. Thank you so much for accommodating the additional little Ninjas. You run an excellent school, and equally excellent birthday parties. Again, thank you so much, your new school is a wonderful addition to the community of Nelson.

Sincerely, Jonathan and Yvette Furigay

Carina Costom

KMA, master Dean Siminoff and the entire KMA family offer a carefully appointed space with a clear focus on values and skills development by design. There is so much heart, intention and vision in every detail. I highly recommend KMA for Self-defense training in Korean Hand and Foot Karate (Tae Kwon Do) training and so much more at so many levels. For instance, KMA is leading Enhanced Resilience Training and Justice work on the African continent and remains committed to daily/weekly efforts toward weaving community among the TKD families through their nascent Parent Support Group Every second Friday. Community building in intention and action. Well done KMA


Tae Kwon do has definitely helped my self discipline in school and daily life. If I never joined Tae Kwon Do I would not have the self control academic discipline I have. The increased discipline has helped me complete my programming 11 course with a very high mark and helped my complex computer science final project!

Cassandra & Ben Leslie

We love Kootenay Martial Arts! If we had to choose one thing we value most about KMA it would be the personal growth with discipline. Training at KMA teaches our son skills he will carry with him his entire life, giving him tools to help him succeed in school, relationships, and future career.

Our son has benefited from training at KMA by learning self-discipline, focus, memory retention, and a sense of pride from knowing if you keep trying and do not give up, you will get results. And the stripes on the belt help visualize this as well!

Raquel mom and Izabella age 4 , Chungdo Kids

My girl loves to keep herself active the most of time, KMA keeps her active while building up at the same time discipline and respect in and out of class. She is developing more interest day by day on learning, plays and making friends at the Dojang.

I would recommend KMA for discipline and energy for life with great teachers, great environment and happy kids!!

Raquel mom and Izabella age 4 , Chungdo Kids

Rick – Dad and Kids 9 & 10 , Super Tigers

The instructors, the facility, relationship among people, the enthusiasm and overall atmosphere all mingle together to make me feel very comfortable and always leaves me feeling I had a fantastic day!”

The most benefit I see for my kids is enhanced strength both physically and spiritually, also they feel more confident and powerful day by day!”

Rick - Dad and Kids 9 & 10 , Super Tigers

Shawna (Asher’s Mom )

I just wanted to pass on to the school and teachers (as all three Master Dean, Master Hannah and Chief Instructor Cory all had interactions with Asher yesterday) how completely thrilled I was with how Asher's first day at KMA went! He is beyond excited to be on this Taekwondo journey and from what I observed yesterday he couldn’t have better teachers guiding and instructing him. I also am thankful to Brandy for her warm welcome and helpful reassurance and of course to you Nadine for all the work you’ve been doing behind the scenes getting us set up.

What a great school! Looking forward to next week!

Eileen and Jax

Since starting Taekwondo my son has felt vast improvements in his strength, coordination, flexibility and overall physical resilience in all sports. As a parent, I have seen his conscientiousness broaden constantly. Working through his student portfolio together has opened the door to conversations regarding self awareness, kindness, respect and spirituality on a level that I would not have thought possible a year ago. I am grateful for the positive, fun and firm but kind approach taken by Kootenay Martial Arts Castlegarinstructors. My son looks forward to each and every class.

Appreciative Mom, Mara

Aidan and Ylena grow more confident, they get the right exercise and they are taught structure and group cohesion.