Frequently ask questions


There is no age limit at all. We have students that are in their 70’s currently training with us and worldwide there are students training up into their late 70’s. Tae Kwon Do is not just a sport, it is a way of life.

Yes, we are very sensitive to your physical needs and requirements. It is important to review this with your instructor and ensure that notes are kept in your file so that we can be mindful of your limitations while increasing your strengths and capabilities. We currently have students in their 70’s who enjoy working at their own pace, gently challenged to increase their mobility and flexibility.

Understanding that a parent does not want to ‘overload’ their child because they engage in other sports and activities, one day per week is just fine for an introduction. The student will not progress as quickly but will enjoy many of the benefits that TKD training has to offer. At some point you may decide to dedicate more time to TKD training and will be welcome to add extra training time to your week.

Yes, you can start up anytime – as for finish dates – Tae Kwon Do unlike other sports is an ongoing activity and learning process. The skills that the student acquire are always being built upon, added to and refined. When a student takes a significant amount of time away from their training, especially in the early stages, they tend to forget much of what was learned and we find that this discourages their return to training. We do encourage a summer break period, but not longer than one month. It is perseverance that makes the difference in retaining and in training success. In our Nelson location, we have many students that started when they were 5,6 and 7 years old and older, who are now black belts instructing in our school(s).

We ask that you inform us by sending an email to masterdean@telus.net or tkdnadine@gmail.com. The information will be forwarded to Master Siminoff and your instructor, and will be logged in your student history.

Nelson Do Jang classes meet Monday and Thursday evenings between 5-8pm depending on what class you’re in! Junction Do Jang classes meet on Monday and Friday evenings 5:45 pm Castlegar Do Jang classes meet Wednesday and Friday evenings at 5:30 pm

The average time is 4 years. There are students that have received their black belts just under 4 years, and some students that have taken much longer.

Nelson Do Jang classes are held at 206B Lakeside Drive, just past Home Hardware and at the back of Kootenay Glass and Mirror. Junction classes are held at the Junction Covenant Church (Corner of Garden and Eden road in South Slocan) Castlegar classes are held at the New Life church ( 602 7th Street, Castlegar)

With the approval of Master Siminoff, one day per week training can be arranged. Please contact us for current tuition rates.

Initial enrolment package is $199 for both youth and adult. This includes uniform, training portfolio, basic hands and feet protection for sparring, and yearly USCDKA membership but does not include tuition. Please contact us for current tuition rates.

Contact Master Siminoff at 250-354-9749 or (250) 352-0477 or you can email masterdean@telus.net